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Covid Flyer 1

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From Pastor Keith and Lady Donita Ross

Welcome to the website of KCC, where Jesus is Lord! This is where you can learn more about the ministry, the vision and the community. Please continue to visit the site for more updates and uploads. We are determined to make an impact and change communities with the compassion of Christ.  Jude 1:22  And of some have compassion, making a difference:

Our Church...
We are a new breed of believers, we have a mandate from God to raise the level of understanding of the things of God in our area like never before. We are looking for like minded people to connect with us to fulfill our God given purpose and vision. We also believe in being the church and not just having church.

We are a Non-Denominational Church and this simply means that if Jesus Christ being God's son and our Saviour is the core of your doctrine then you are in the body of Christ and our brother and/or our sister...

Our Ministries...

  • Couple's Ministry

  • Singles Ministry

  • Men & Women's Fellowship Ministry

  • Mission Ministry

  • ​Youth Ministry

  • ​Media Ministry

  • ​Prayer Ministry

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55 South Poplar, Marianna, AR 72360

P.O. Box  387