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Kingdom Connections International Fellowship of Ministries is an organization founded in 2007 by Apostle Keith Ross in an effort to provide spiritual coverings and partnerships producing active and ongoing communication and unity among the many gifts and offices in the body of Christ. In doing so harmony will ensure that KCIFM and its membership speak as one in the unity of the faith, bringing glory to God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
The mandate as given by the Holy Spirit is to provide a personal spiritual connection to all KCIFM connected ministers. This connection will result in members being able to  better serve through their gifts in a more excellent manner and to walk in integrity and truth. KCIFM purposes to bring each member into a deeper relationship and understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit through living the Spirit-filled life and preaching the full gospel message. KCIFM strives to keep it's sword sharpened as to be able to be that iron that sharpens it's members according to Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. We believe that we all have something to offer one another in the body of belivers and we endeavor to learn from our members as they learn from us. We understand that every member has different spiritual up-bringings and may initially have different doctrinal views, yet this will never deter the connection, it will only provide an opportunity to open the scriptures and come into the knowledge of the truth. If you are in need of a covering and/or partnership with people of like faith and like spirits, we pray that you would prayerfully consider connecting with KCIFM. We look forward to continued growth in grace with you in the favor of and faith in our life changing King Jesus Christ.


  • Prophetess Stephanie Walker - Light of Zion Ministries, Marianna, AR
  • Bishop Simeon Nzishura - Eglise Protestante Evangelique Elim, Burundi, Africa
  • Pastor Nakka Kanaka Rao - Sweet Children Gospel Ministries, Pradesh, India
  • Pastor K. David Raju - Faith Home Church, Andhra Pradesh, South India
  • Pastor Chandra Tobing - Yesus Baik Ministry, Bali, Indonesia​
For information on CONNECTING with (KCIFM) please contact us @
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